High Def CCTV Upgrade
Sunday, April 03, 2016
Over the past several years, I have installed many, many CCTV Systems, most of which are analog systems.    These systems used Analog RG59 cable and for the most part was limited to 600 or 700 TVL of resolution.    The only way that a customer was able to jump beyond that resolution barrier was to spend the money for an IP System, which at the time, cost thousands of dollars more than a typical Analog CCTV System.       Enter, HD-TVI.   This new technology allows owners of the out-dated analog CCTV Systems to enter in to the world of IP (high def) video without spending thousands of dollars to run new cable or purchase expensive equipment.    HD-TVI allows a customer to change out a few components of the system at prices that are typically in the same range as standard Analog components.  The results are stunning.     HD-TVI (High-definition Transport Video) has a lot of advantages over traditional Analog systems and even over IP Video.     HD-TVI allows the user to capture crystal clear, high-definition video over existing analog cables.   HD-TVI components can produce 720p or 1080p full HD video which is sharper, clearer and more detailed that traditional analog components.     HD surveillance camera enables you to zoom in on areas of interest during live video and playback modes with exceptional clarity and detail.    This can add to the capability of facial recognition and license plate capture which was all but impossible with standard analog cameras.     HD-TVI is a practical and cost-effective alternative to expensive IP systems.     Unlike IP Cameras, HD-TVI cameras produce no video lag which is a common problem with IP Cameras.   Note: HD-TVI cameras require HD DVRs for recording high-definition surveillance video.

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